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SacroIliac Joint Arthropathy

SacroIliac Joint Arthropathy

SacroIliac Joint Arthropathy

What is SacroIliac joint arthropathy?

SacroIliac joint arthropathy usually results in pain in the lower back, buttocks, back, and side of the thigh region. 

Who is More Prone to SacroIliac Joint arthropathy?

This problem is common in older adults and after pregnancy in ladies. 

How to Diagnose SacroIliac Joint arthropathy?

X-ray, CT scan may confirm the presence of arthritic changes in the joint.

What are the Treatment Options for SacroIliac Joint arthropathy?


Treatment includes physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. 


Some patients will require sacroiliac joint injections or sacroiliac joint radiofrequency ablations under x-ray guidance. SI joint procedures are safe, and daycare procedures are usually taking about 30 minutes duration.

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