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Synovial Fluid Implantation

Synovial Fluid Implantation

Synovial Fluid Implantation Therapy

What to Expect?

Before the Procedure-

  • You will undergo a clinical examination. 
  • You will be asked about your medical history by your healthcare provider.
  • The underlying problem will be verified through imaging tests like X-rays.
  • An appointment date will be scheduled for treatment. 

During the Procedure-

  • A member of our team will accompany the Procedure Room.
  • While on the OT table, you will be lying on your back.  
  • An antiseptic will be used to clean and numb the skin with Medication near the knee joint.
  • By inserting a needle through the skin, it will reach the intra articular space, where the needle will be used to remove the unhealthy synovial fluid. 
  • Afterward, healthy Synovial fluid is injected into the joint. 

After the procedure-

  • Three days of rest are recommended for you. 
  • Three days of icing and compression bandaging will be recommended.
  • After the procedure is completed, it will take six weeks to achieve maximum results.

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