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Cancer Pain

Cancer Pain​

Cancer Pain Treatment in Chennai

Cancer Pain

Pain in cancer patients could be very debilitating and compromises the quality of life. Pain could be due to cancer itself or due to secondary metastasis. Chemotherapy can cause some peripheral neuropathy. 

While the oncologists treat primary cancer, patients may require a pain and palliative care physician for supportive therapy during recovery. Treating pain in cancer patients improves disease prognosis.

What Can Be Done?

  • The mainstay of cancer pain treatment is medications like narcotics, paracetamol, and adjuncts. 
  • If the pain is localized, pain-relieving nerve blocks like celiac plexus, stellate, lumbar sympathetic blocks may be helpful.
  • Advanced pain modalities like intrathecal pump implantation are sometimes helpful in a select group of patients. 

Your pain and palliative care expert will suggest what is best for your care. Palliative care is essential to improve the cancer patient’s quality of life.

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