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10 Easy Steps to Protect Your Back

Most of us have desk job with a hectic life styles. We have to tackle long stress filled office hours sitting in your office chairs. Its essential you follow these simple rules to avoid getting back pain.

  1. Watch your sitting posture. If your work involves long working hours, get an ergonomic chair with good lumbar support and an arm rest. Take periodic breaks and stretch you back muscles.
  2. Avoid slouching in your chair. When sitting for long hours, make sure your entire back is touching the support at all times. Support your wrists on your table if you are using a computer.
  3. Walk with your head upright, chin in and toes pointing straight ahead. Wear comfortable low heeled shoes (less than 4 cms) with good support on the sides.
  4. Daily morning walks and stretch exercises are good for the back. Swimming and yoga provide excellent rejuvenation to the spine. Activity increases blood supply to the spine. Avoid any exercise that is very painful.
  5. Watch your weight. Ideal body weight (kgs) = Height (cms) – 100. Excess weight puts enormous strain on your spine and joints.
  6. Drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day. Smoking can aggravate back pain.
  7. Long term use of lumbar belts and supports, without proper indication, can cause surrounding muscle wasting and can be harmful.
  8. If you have to lift a heavy weight, stand close to the object with your legs apart. Bend the knees to go down. Hold the weight evenly and straighten your knees instead of bending the back. Always use your legs for lifting and not the back.
  9. Use a hard or a firm bed mattress with a medium sized pillow. Make sure you are not sinking into your bed.
  10. Using vehicles without good shock absorbers or using 2 wheelers for long distances in bad roads can affect your spine.

Ignoring back pain can be dangerous. If in doubt, please see your pain physician for more specific information and guidance. 

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  1. Deepak Arockiaraj

    Hi Sir/Mam,

    What are the future side effects of corticosteroids, Facet injections. ? My family is worried it may have after effects in future.

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